How To Set Up A Wireless Connection. Mouse Wireless Laser.

How To Set Up A Wireless Connection

how to set up a wireless connection

    wireless connection
  • Wireless network refers to any type of computer network that is wireless, and is commonly associated with a telecommunications network whose interconnections between nodes are implemented without the use of wires.

  • (Wireless Connections) Medium is the Earth's atmosphere, or space, and the signals are microwaves.

  • a type of Internet access that does not require any wires or cables and allows users to browse the Internet while traveling or outside of their home or office without having a physical connection. Often a password is required to connect to a wireless network.

    how to
  • Practical advice on a particular subject; that gives advice or instruction on a particular topic

  • Providing detailed and practical advice

  • (How To’s) Multi-Speed Animations

  • A how-to or a how to is an informal, often short, description of how to accomplish some specific task. A how-to is usually meant to help non-experts, may leave out details that are only important to experts, and may also be greatly simplified from an overall discussion of the topic.

    set up
  • An organization or arrangement

  • raise: construct, build, or erect; "Raise a barn"

  • The way in which something, esp. an organization or equipment, is organized, planned, or arranged

  • A set of equipment needed for a particular activity or purpose

  • establish: set up or found; "She set up a literacy program"

  • assemble: create by putting components or members together; "She pieced a quilt"; "He tacked together some verses"; "They set up a committee"

Cable needed to trigger flash

Cable needed to trigger flash

Above is ONE example for what you need to be able to trigger virtually any flash with a Sony camera.

How to trigger flashes with Sony cameras:

[b]Generally speaking there are [i]three methods[/i] of triggering flashes wireless:[/b]
(a) with Sony flashes you can use the wireless setting on the camera and flashes. You need to be careful which flashes you use as not all flashes can be triggered i.e. by the HVL-F58AM flash. The onboard flash as far as I can tell can pretty much trigger any Sony flash. So that's the wireless mode in connection with Sony flashes.
(b) wireless with slave cells: Now here it gets interesting: (1) [i]Some [/i]flashes i.e. the Metz one can be used in wireless mode (by setting the camera to wireless!) [u]in conjunction with Sony flashes[/u]!!! (2) Others i.e the Centon does NOT work when you set the camera to wireless flash mode but you HAVE to set the camera to "normal" flash.

Technically speaking you can buy ANY cheap flash out there. By that I mean seriously any one. I have i.e very cheap Centon ones (about 10pounds max each)/ Metz; and plenty of others. The only important thing is that you need for that either a flash sync cable that goes into a little hole in the flash or you buy yourself an adapter that you can attach to the bottom of the flash on which you then attach you slave cell. Or the newer ones [i]see the link below[/i] don't need cables and these little eyes but are attached to the bottom of the flash.
See pictures below.

Pay attention to the Metz one: it does come with the cable but you have to buy the little so called "eye"/ "slave trigger"

My advice would be: go to the next best camera shop buy your self the cheapest flashes you can get WITH either adapter (pic below) and or cable plus "eye" and then go and experiment. The people in the shop will hopefully know what you need for your particular flash to be able to trigger it.

[u]Why Metz? Why Centon? Or indeed any other cheaper brands?[/u]
The Metz flashes are usually extremely powerful - that means you need space and have to shoot through plastic bags/ diffusers particularly when shooting close ups. So if you intend to shoot a weding shoot with lot's of people and you want to illuminate whole groups of people than something like the Metz is fanastic. Also for interior architecture shots the Metz is unbeatable. Building quality of the Metz is outstanding. Not sure how often I have dropped mine- nothing ever happened. I sincerely believe you can use them as a hammer.

Something that is much cheaper such as Centon flashes or anything similar is particularly useful when you are shooting close ups or just want highlights on the hair and so on. They have muich weaker output which is sometimes actually important.

Let's assume you would go outside into your garage with a Metz flash and would like to shoot a moddy shot of your car with very controlled illumination? Forget the Metz- you will have to soo diffuse the flash and still your whole garage would look like it is flooded in light. or such occassions you would take 4/5/6... or more cheap flashes (all together cost you under 100 pounds) and would put them strategically around your car. They are much easier to control than one single Metz. So you see horses for courses.

Now to just come back to one point above: some flashes can be used in conjunction with the Sony flashes in wireless mode which is fantastic. The other way around I don't know yet as this would mean to set the camera to "normal" flash and attach some kind of triiger to the Sony flashes. I very much assume one would have to buy an expensive trigger to be able to trigger the Sony flashes outside the wireless mode and frankly theother way around is probably cheaper- depending on how many flashes you want to buy.

IMG 3765

IMG 3765

How I get internets on the Vineyard: tethering my Macintop to my Blackberry (or is that the other way 'round?) The connection is ponderously slow compared to broadband, but it has the advantage of working virtually everywhere. Before I got the 'Berry, I had to drive around the island, looking for open WiFi connections to "borrow." I had some trouble setting up the Mac to work with the Blackberry, in fact I have to redo the settings every time I reboot. The Blackberry Desktop Manager software of OSX is, not officially out yet, and I have, uh, a beta copy. I'm hoping the final release will be less of a pain.

The setup is far from perfect, but it sure beats sitting in my car, in a cold parking lot, using a fleeting wireless signal.

how to set up a wireless connection

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